IT Services by DHD Hospitality, Inc.

DHD Hospitality, Inc. is an Orlando based IT services Company offering cost effective solutions for companies and individuals seeking the very best in professional Website Design, Web Application Development, Internet Marketing, and Technical Support with superior Customer Service.
It has become very important for every business to create a strong online presence for itself; and if you are a company or a business owner, then you need to build a verifiable online profile for your business to lead your competition and to lock a principal position in your industry.
Every business has its own unique foundational elements, and therefore a firm understanding of any business is required before offering any solution. DHD Hospitality Inc is an Orlando Website Design and Website Development Company,
Ecommerce website solutions include development of a web based system or a website with a striking shopping cart and payment gateway integration, secure and reliable web hosting, and Internet Marketing services.
Alpha Tech Nerds has several hosting solutions for your Web Site needs.  For our clients who use our design services we have two basic plans. One for E-Commerce Sites and one for informational type-sites.  They both offer ample storage space, email and generous bandwidth limits. 
Secure Res has provided us with a high quality marketing and bookings at a relatively low cost. It serves as an essential component to our ADR and Occupancy. Very easy company to work with and they know what they are doing!
                  - Shamir Patel
( Owner, Howard Johnson Orlando )

DHD Hospitality became our reservation carrier about a few years ago.  I had a company that was doing my reservations, however, they were not aggressive as DHD.  In one year, DHD doubled what I was receiving in reservations.  Presently, my reservations are still coming in on a consistent basis.  I would recommend DHD to any motel to increase their occupancy rate as it did mine.  Navajoland Inn & Suites, St. Michaels, Arizona
                   -Romero Brown 
( Owner, Navajoland Inn & Suites )

Our People Say
'Having worked with DHD Hospitality over the years, we are very pleased with the level of quality and professionalism demonstrated by their employees. We continue to forge ahead the relationship with DHD Hospitality as we strongly believe in their expertise and trust their valuable delivery process.'
Nitin Kundra
Developer, DHD Hospitality
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